Friday, April 9, 2010

Contact Paper

Before we left the states, I found a few sales on adhesive vinyl to bring with me, but it was just basic white, and brown. One day early on, we were walking through a hardware store, and there it was a beautiful display of about 20 colors of contact paper- don't ask me why it was in the hardware store. I started feeling the weight and texture and it hit me, I don't need vinyl this will work very well. So, I started buying up colors and since you get 2 rolls (18"x 9 yards/roll) in a package for about $3, I couldn't resist. I have had fun with all the colors and my children love their rooms.
In my sons room, I had the bugs go all the way around his room and then end up crawling into his bed.

In my daughters room I just did lots and lots of flowers. This is when I learned the importance of setting the correct cutting depth on the cricut so it just cuts through the vinyl layer and not the backing layer. These flowers and stems took FOR-EVER to peel and stick up.

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