Friday, April 2, 2010

First Easter

Well, when we came to Ecuador, Easter decorations were no where on my radar. So, when March 1 hit, I got a little sad that I had nothing to put up. Luckily we do have internet and there were some amazing blogs that gave me some inspiration. I found a cut file for a rabbit that stands up at CHEEKY MAGPIE and just made up the egg files. I was really inspired by the colors she used- thats where I started.
I hadn't given how we were going to die Easter eggs much thought until a friend pointed out- while in a large grocery store in Quito (5 hours away)- that they had WHITE eggs. We don't get white eggs here. All of them are brown and usually the only white is the chicken poop still stuck to them. I was very grateful for her attention to detail and picked up a dozen. My children really don't like to eat eggs so I just blew these out (scrambled up the insides for the dog) and had the children painted them. I then sealed them with Modge Podge so we can keep them and have decorations to start with for next Easter!

We may not have access to white eggs very often, but I did find these cute little eggs and thought they would be cute to display. I blew out the insides of these also- but didn't cook them... they smelled really bad.

We are fortunate to get lots of fresh cut flowers here and they are fairly inexpensive also. I just didn't get to bring any vases, so.... I put 2 of my small IKEA crockery cups together (one upside down on top of another), wrapped with paper and voila - a floral arrangement for the living room.
along with miniature bunnies.

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