Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is Carrot Soup Too Predictable?

So, about a week ago I realized I had no idea what I would fix for Easter Dinner. I found this recipe for Carrot Soup on The only problem was that many of the things it called for I just couldn't get- dark sesame oil- greek style yogurt - shallots- but I decided to make due.

Yogurt- the only yogurt we can get here is usually the drinking kind and always has a flavor, so I started making (again) my own a few months ago. We always have plenty of milk because the "milk lady" brings 5 liters twice a week fresh from her cows that I pasteurize. So, I just made the yogurt as usual and then let it drain in a "make-shift" cheese cloth until we had the most amazing greek-style yogurt. I just used 2 strainers seperated by a cloth with a large weave. I dampened the cloth first to make the seperation a little faster. Just remember-if you life in a place like me (3rd world) make sure an use the filtered water to dampen the cloth. It really was easy, just give it a try. The texture of the drained yogurt was completely different and the taste- the tast was exquisite. I am making more right now as we speak! yum!

Sesame Oil- well I did have sesame seeds so... I while sauteing the onions I added some sesame seeds and let those roast. I think it added a nice flavor.
Shallots- this wasn't so hard, I just used a red onion (the only type we can get) and while it didn't have the same flavor, it worked.

So, all in all my family liked it and even the 5-year old ate it all up. We had a little of the yogurt left, so I added it to the dessert plates and it was amazing with the blackberries!

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