Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Back..... (Poltergist like)

Well, yes I am back. After a long summer with lots and lots of visitors I have plenty of pictures of things to share, now I just need time to post. So, here we go.

I wanted to show you the end of year/kindergarten graduation party I did for my son's school. I have to say the internet was almost essential for the ideas behind this party, not to mention some downloads that made it much faster to put together.

I decided on a beach theme and "Fun in the Sun" so the Soak Up the Sun graphics from Lettering Delights was great and at just $4 for the whole thing it was worth the time and effort I would have put in cutting and pasting other graphics. Check it out! Right now the set is on sale for only $2. Plus they have a Friday Freebie every week if you friend them on Face Book. You can see their "Fun in the Sun" graphics on all of the cupcake toppers as well as the larger signs and banners hanging in the room.

We used beach towels for table clothes and the great balls hanging from the ceiling I found on Hello My Name is Heather. Heather Bailey is one amazing designer- I would love to get my hands on some of fabrics. Anyway, look here for these amazing globes and a pattern that makes it very easy. These globes were cut out by an art class at the school and then because of time constraints assembled by a few adults. I think these globes in a different pattern would be amazing for a baby shower or tea party.

The Graduation Cupcakes were an idea stolen from the amazing Bakerella. If you need inspiration or want to just stand in awe of an amazingly talented baker, check out her site. Fortunately I had enough time to get a few things brought from the states to assemble the mortar boards, but had to make due with the tassels (marshmallows).

The straw umbrellas are simply printed circles with a little detail that can be printed out on any paper that fits your event. Just cut out the circles, fold in half a few times, snip out the center to fit your straws and voila! Custom Umbrella Straws. They can be found here.

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