Monday, May 24, 2010

Childrens Homework, Calender and Information Board

We have a very long hallway in our house and I thought it would be the perfect place to display artwork, good grades, and such. I started off by marking off the space and painting the area a shade lighter than the wall. I then put a vinyl boarder surrounding the area. I cut the boarder with my Creative Memories wavy trimmer ( I dont' think they make it any more.) I then added a calender which is just some great 12x12 scrapbook paper I found a few years ago at Hobby Lobby. I covered the calender in clear contact paper to make a dry-erase surface. I left a small boarder of contact paper around the calender to adhere it to the wall. Every month I just print out a Month title and use my trusty glue stick to put it on.
Underneath I ran some jute rope and hang important artwork, amazing tests and other essential items that need to be on display

On my son's side, I used chalkboard vinyl (from Oh My Crafts- great site!) for him to write his Spelling Words and Bible Verse each week. On my daughter side are chalk board flowers (a gift from my SIL who sells Uppercase Living Products.)

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downacalyroad said...

Hi Tracey,
I wanted to write and encourage you in your creativity. It's easier to make wonderful things when we live where good supplies are accessible. You are truly a boot-camp crafter: using what's available when it's slim-pickings. I love your ideas....I especially like the fun boards you created for your kids.
Remember the old saying " Necessity is the mother of invention"...or something along those lines!!!