Friday, January 30, 2015

Have I Said That Purses Make Me Happy..... So Happy

So here is my newest creation.  I found the "street of dreams" here in Quito last week- that is, an entire block of yarn store after yarn store.  I only made it to 8 of them (yes, I said only 8- I have so much work to do) and they each had their little special thing.  I was so overwhelmed with the choices and great prices that I just bought random colors and figured out later what to do with it all..... not the best way to shop, but there was just SOOO much to choose from.  

So, here is a brief run-down on this green and brown bobble purse.

I haven't decided if I am selling this one yet or keeping it for myself.  But there are plenty more like this over at my Etsy store-  Creative By Necessity

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