Monday, January 12, 2015

Gift Ideas $10 and Under

Ok, so I have to admit I am very frugal cheap.  I love to give nice gifts and don't mind spending money if I know that the person is really going to LOVE the gift so I am putting together a little list of the best gifts $10 and under I can find online.  Most of these are from Esty (gotta give the love to fellow store owners) but some are off of good ol' Amazon--- we all love Amazon.

So here we go....

The first are these adorable earrings that are only $8.50.

Ok, so I would love to have this necklace and for just under $10 (wow, I know) I would even buy it for myself.  She has lots of great items at amazing prices.

These thank you cards are tri-fold (so you can write more words of gratitude) and they are self-sealing so you don't have to worry about an envelope.  Plus, if you message me and you could get free shipping.   Just click on "Contact Shop Owner" or leave a comment here.

This great little paper bowl would be the perfect place to keep earrings or keys and the price is perfect at $10.

Ok, so I really want one of these to make zucchini pasta-  Get yours here at Amazon for less than $8.

My Favorite part about these cards for $10 is that the handmade envelopes.  The bright trees are embossed so they have a plastic-ey finish and the little birds have a sparkle.  

Who wouldn't love to receive this soap and at just under $2 for each set even after you add shipping you could still afford to by 2 sets for $10.

Another set of cards.  These are triple embossed giving them wonderful texture and making them great for all kinds of occasions.

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