Friday, July 22, 2011

Puzzle Spelling

I love to teach spelling. I love coming up with different ways of spelling - tactile, moving, lots of action. We do things like bouncing tennis balls, painting, using shaving cream and Puzzle Spelling. We (I) printed these out (there are 3 pages) on colored cardstock and cut out each of these puzzle pieces for each student. We stored each set individually in a zipbag During class I would pass out the bags and give the students a few minutes to organize their letters- VERY IMPORTANT PART. Then I would call out a word and they would race to spell the words. We didn't go on until each student had spelling the word correctly. It worked much better with the 6th graders than the 5th. If you have a student who isn't enjoying it, you can let them write the words instead of puzzling it. The important thing is that they learn to enjoy spelling.

Click on the alphabet to download

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